Schmitz Cargobull has bodied a Hyundai chassis that has been given the go-ahead for road transport there.

The truck was created for Hylane, a company that rents out climate-neutral vehicles.

The truck was delivered by Dirk Nuxoll, managing director of GRW, Sabine Essmann, international key account manager of Schmitz Cargobull’s logistic/food business, and Bruno Altenschöpfer, fleet manager of Hylane.

“I am ecstatic about how rapidly this idea could be put into practice. According to Altenschöpfer, this vehicle represents another advance for hydrogen-powered sustainable transportation options in Germany.

Schmitz Cargobull places a high priority on finding sustainable freight transportation solutions. We are happy to have finished this fantastic pilot project in such a short amount of time and will finish 17 vehicles in total over the coming weeks. The hydrogen tanks on the bulkhead can be accommodated with the Schmitz Cargobull box bodies thanks to their ideal configuration, according to Essmann.

We had the opportunity to display the vehicle at the BMDV conference on “Climate-friendly commercial vehicles” in Berlin with Schmitz Cargobull as the first hydrogen series truck to receive approval in Germany. Our concept for the actual use of the trucks was also permitted there, said Sara Schiffer, managing director of HyLane.

Thanks to funding from the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport, Hylane is able to provide affordable rates. Customers just pay for the actual miles they drive.