Shell India and Ohmium combine green hydrogen initiatives

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Shell and Ohmium will establish joint working groups to conduct a techno-commercial study for reducing the cost of ownership.

Shell India has reportedly chosen Ohmium International as its partner for green hydrogen projects.

Ohmium International, based in the United States, is the sole manufacturer of electrolysers (equipment that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity) in India; their factory is located in Bengaluru.

According to insiders, both sides will collaborate on the development of green hydrogen projects. Simply simply, Shell will use bespoke electrolysers from Ohmium to produce green hydrogen.

Shell and Ohmium would establish joint working groups to conduct a techno-commercial examination of reducing total cost of ownership.

Ohmium’s electrolysers are modular and based on PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology. The company was marketed by the US-based investment vehicle Fenice Investment Group, which was founded by a group of investors, the majority of whom were affiliated with the solar energy firm SunEdison.

The sole manufacturing facility for ohmium is located in India, where it is used extensively. It has exported electrolysers to the United States. Ohmium and Shell India agreed up a similar MOU in July to jointly develop green hydrogen projects in Spain and Portugal. Ohmium has established agreements in India with Hero Future Energies, a renewable energy firm, for 1 GW of green hydrogen projects and, more recently, with Spirare, a manufacturer of on-site gas generation systems, for green hydrogen.

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