Siemens Energy’s technology vital to Ørsted’s FlagshipONE

Siemens Energy’s technology is vital to Ørsted’s FlagshipONE, Europe’s largest commercial production facility for carbon-neutral marine fuels in northeastern Sweden.

Siemens Energy is providing four 70-megawatt proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers, plant-wide electrification and automation systems, unique digitalization solutions, and power distribution and compressor systems.

From 2025, the Örnsköldsvik facility will produce 50,000 metric tons of e-methanol from renewable energy and biogenic carbon dioxide. This can save 100,000 tons of CO2 from shipping by replacing fossil fuels.

Ørsted’s factory begins European commercial production of carbon-neutral e-methanol. FlagshipONE will serve as a “copy-and-paste” model for scaling and replicating factories in Sweden and internationally. FlagshipONE’s creator, Liquid Wind AB, developed the standardized method.

Liquid Wind wants to build ten e-fuel factories in Scandinavia by 2030. Siemens Energy’s technology package supports Liquid Wind’s groundbreaking concept and makes e-fuel facilities possible.

Siemens Energy electrolyzers manufacture green hydrogen for FlagshipONE from renewable electricity. Biogenic carbon dioxide from a neighboring biomass-fired combined heat and power station is added during synthesis. . FlagshipONE’s e-methanol will be utilized in “dual-fuel” ship engines to decarbonize international marine traffic, which represents for 3% of global carbon emissions.

Green fuels are scarce and expensive. . The plant provides a blueprint for modular e-methanol facilities to ramp up the sector in a flexible and market-oriented manner and enable experience to be integrated into the continual improvement of existing and new plants utilizing the digital-twin concept. Liquid Wind is developing FlagshipTWO, which will use a 140-MW electrolyzer to produce 100,000 metric tons of e-methanol.

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