Simaba enters hydrogen market

Simaba and Ultimate Seal announced an agreement to strengthen their relationship at UTIS in order to create sustainable initiatives relating to hydrogen production, continuous hydrogen combustion, and internal combustion optimization technologies.

The two firms said in a joint statement that the first relationship between Ultimate Cell and the group was established in 2018 at its Secil subsidiary, but with the extension of the cooperation to Ultimate Power, the investment is now in Semapa.

The process included UTIS’s acquisition of Ultimate Power’s assets, which “allowed for the development and manufacture of continuous combustion improvement systems already developed by UTIS to be combined with the development and manufacture of internal combustion systems and hydrogen production systems operated by Ultimate Power,” as he explained.

“The Semapa Group and Ultimate Cell Group will retain a 50 percent investment in the capital of UTIS upon the merging of Ultimate Power’s assets on June 30, 2022,” they state in the same memo.

In 2018, UTIS created an innovative product dubbed UC3 – Continuous Combustion End-Cell, which “allows a very large decrease in the consumption of fossil fuels, emission levels of pollutants into the atmosphere, and the energy bill in continuous combustion operations,” according to the statement.

“This technique is unique in the world and is applied to industrial furnaces and boilers in a variety of material production industries, including cement, glass, pulp, iron and steel, biomass thermal power plants, municipal solid waste incinerators, and energy,” they explain.

Ultimate Power, for its part, has created technology that “safely improves the internal combustion of engines, thereby reducing fuel consumption and the emission of harmful gases.”

“This technique may be used to diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, ethanol, and LPG engines, covering a wide range of systems, including automobiles, boats, trucks, generators, trains, and ships,” according to the statement.

“In recent years, the hydrogen industry has demonstrated a trend of sustainable growth, which is a strong commitment for Semapa to improve its strategic investment pillar and to enter a market with significant growth potential and a strong character of sustainability,” he says. Collection.

Ricardo Perez, CEO of Simaba, notes in the announcement that he believes in “the necessity of investing in projects with great growth potential on a worldwide scale that contribute to sustainability” and that “this is one of these projects.”

Ultimate Cell’s chief executive officer, Vtor Goncalo, says that “by this combination, we have been able to grow our workforce to more than sixty members.”

Ultimate Cell is a Portuguese firm that has invested in research and development (R&D) for hydrogen-focused products since its start.

UTIS – Ultimate Technology to Industrial Savings – is a Portuguese firm established in 2018 as a joint venture between Ultimate Cell and Semapa to develop an energy-efficient strategic solution.