SK Energy extends fusion urban fuel cell project

To expand urban distributed power generation and electric car charging, SK Energy has partnered with businesses that produce innovative and sustainable energy.

In order to jointly carry out a “fusion urban fuel cell project,” where electricity generation and consumption take place in one area, the company has inked an MOU with Korea Southern Power, LS Electric, Daehan Green Power, and Samchully Asset Management.

In the city center, the project calls for the installation of fuel cells and electric car chargers, as well as the distribution of the electric power produced by the fuel cells to the adjacent power networks and electric vehicle chargers.

As a low-carbon energy source, the fuel cell is gaining significant interest. It is a power generator that generates electricity through an electrochemical interaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

According to the agreement, SK Energy, Korea Southern Power, LS Electric, and Daehan Green Power will each independently extend the urban fuel cell project using their unique resources and skills connected to new and renewable energy.

The responsibility for securing the capital required for significant investments will fall to Samchully Asset Management. Since May 2021, SK Energy has worked on an energy superstation demo project to construct and operate fuel cells at petrol stations through a regulatory sandbox. The company has also developed the know-how to handle small-scale fuel cell stations.

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