South Korea’s largest green hydrogen demonstration project starts

The largest green hydrogen production demonstration project in Korea, 12.5MW, has begun in Jeju.

Costing a total of 62 billion won, the Jeju demonstration project will run until March 31, 2026. Partners include Jeju Island, Korea Southern Power, SK Plug High Bus, and Jeju National University, to name a few of the local governments, public enterprises, commercial companies, and academic institutions involved.

A major aspect of this research is the demonstration of hydrogen generation using all four of the current water electrolysis plants. Anion exchange membrane (AEM), solid oxide (SOEC), polyelectrolyte (PEM), and alkaline (AEC) are the four varieties (AEM).

Project leader Korea Southern Power anticipates the demonstration project will yield 1,176 tons of hydrogen per year (at a 60% operational rate).