SPD officials see blue hydrogen as essential

The economic policy SPD spokespeople from the federal government and the states claim that the energy shift in the industry is impossible without the usage of blue hydrogen.

The usage of so-called blue hydrogen is initially seen by the economic policy SPD representatives of the federal and state governments as being essential for the accomplishment of an energy transition in the industry.

Blue hydrogen is created using natural gas, while green hydrogen is created using renewable energy. Volker Stahmann, the economic policy spokesman for the Bremen SPD parliamentary party, stated today during a two-day gathering with associates in the Hanseatic city, “I believe that we will have a transitional era.”

Green hydrogen is the intended outcome, Stahmann insisted. However, after the industrial procedures have been changed to use hydrogen as an energy source, such as in the manufacture of steel, availability becomes the most crucial factor. Moreover, there won’t likely be enough green hydrogen on hand.

Bernd Westphal, the SPD parliamentary group’s spokesman for economic policy, said: “You have to start, or you will stand still.” “We must ramp up.” Even the full charge of electric vehicles using renewable energy sources has not yet been achieved. Westphal added, “There’s also an electricity mix in it.

The blue one requires an additional electrolysis stage in order to keep up with that. And who fills up on fuel when there is another option that allows you to travel up to five times further for the same price?

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