SRJ Technologies moves forward with hydrogen pipe tech


Further progress has been made in the development of hydrogen-compatible pipe technology by SRJ Technologies Group

To meet the needs of the emerging hydrogen industry, the company announced in September a partnership with Curtin University and precision machining firm SixDe to develop new weld-free coupling technology.

There is a need for leak sealing and mechanical connectors as well as isolation, repair, and integrity solutions that can handle the challenges of dealing with hydrogen.

An asset integrity solution for non-metallic pipelines will also be examined as part of the project’s focus on weld-free coupling proof of concept, manufacturing, and commercialization.

Research and testing of SRJ’s hydrogen-compliant products is to be conducted at Curtin University’s Corrosion Centre. Materials and corrosion in the petroleum, chemical processing, naval, automotive and biomedical sectors are all studied at the center.

Due to its small size and ability to pass through some materials with ease, pure hydrogen, the periodic table’s smallest molecule, poses containment challenges. The maintenance and repair of a hydrogen-based energy system, therefore, will challenge the established norms of the industry.

Anela Dokso

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