Star Scientific wins award for HERO technology

Star Scientific has won an award for its HERO technology, taking out the Sustainable Energy Council’s inaugural World Hydrogen Awards’ Industrial Application category.

HERO is used to produce hydrogen. Behind this powerful heat source is the interaction of hydrogen and oxygen with a secret catalyst. Within minutes of the hydrogen interacting with the catalyst, HERO reaches temperatures of more than 700 degrees Celsius. The larger the surface area of the catalyst and the more hydrogen available, the more heat is generated.

“This a reward for all the effort the staff has put into producing the ground-breaking innovation that is the Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser or HERO. This is an exciting time to be pioneering hydrogen technology. We are seeing a shift toward hydrogen as the energy choice of the future and we are very excited by the opportunities that HERO will bring.

“Heat is the key input into most human endeavours. HERO is the missing link in the hydrogen supply chain, turning green hydrogen into continuous industrial heat without combustion. It can be used from the heaviest of industry such as coal-fired power stations, through to scaled down local assets for specific locations such as district heating and desalination.”

Andrew Horvath, global group chairman, Star Scientific Limited.

“The SEC is delighted to launch the World Hydrogen Awards at this year’s World Hydrogen Summit. The response in nominations was more than we could have hoped for, with some outstanding individuals and projects nominated. The World Hydrogen Awards are the only truly global awards to recognize excellence within the Hydrogen industry and we look forward to continuously serving the industry and celebrating its fast-paced advancements.”

Chris Hugall, managing director, Sustainable Energy Council.

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