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Storz Power and Lumin provide grid-responsive battery system


Storz Power has created a strategic alliance with Lumin, to enhance its AI+Smart Access by providing grid-responsive load shedding technology, automating off-grid back up operation.

The Storz Power AI+ Smart Access powered by Lumin offers several innovations to the market including; wireless detection of a power outage and real time responsive load control based on the battery state of charge. Both of these important developments are currently only available to the AI+ Smart Access platform.

“We want to better forecast energy provision based on available energy and upcoming energy production. By layering our AI+ software on Lumin’s control platform, we give our homeowners the ability to fully control and reconfigure their back-up power systems and pull in any additional automations that may exist in the home (Control4, Lutron, Philips Smart Hue, etc.).”

Everett Brewer, founder & CEO of Storz Power.

The integration streamlines homeowner control and makes the overall system ultimately more flexible, intuitive and grid-responsive.

“Making ordinary circuits smart unlocks the incredible potential of energy storage. All homeowners with a regular circuit breaker panel can benefit from this solution and that’s why we are excited to partner with Storz Power and their innovative team. The advances incumbent in the AI+ Smart Access platform are critical to a home’s microgrid and to ESS adoption. This is just the beginning of something special and we are excited to be on board and to be a provider of an essential component to the platform.”

Kevin O’Shea, Lumin co-founder and chief commercial officer.

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