SunHydrogen progresses on nanoparticle-based hydrogen tech


SunHydrogen has made progress in the development of its nanoparticle hydrogen generating technology for scale-up.

The startup stated earlier this year that it would collaborate with Schmid Group in Freudenstadt, Germany, and InRedox in Longmont, Colorado, to bring its technology to commercial scale. InRedox is working on the electrochemical process of producing nanoporous templates on transparent substrates for growing nanoparticles, while Schmid is working on the production method and equipment.

Despite anticipated problems in obtaining necessary materials and equipment, the company has made significant progress in testing and proving the scalable potential of transparent substrates, which are a key component in the fabrication of nanoparticle hydrogen generators.

The company tested a variety of transparent substrates to find the optimum ones for creating nanoporous layers, which would be used as a template and foundation for developing nanoparticles. The company is also evaluating the growth of nanoparticles on the down-selected substrates at scales that are significant for mass production.

The company is also making considerable progress in acquiring the necessary equipment and chemicals for large-scale device fabrication, testing, and validation. Arrays of billions of nanoparticle-based hydrogen generators, each capable of splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, will make up the devices. Each array will be about the size of a single silicon solar cell measuring six inches in diameter.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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