Sunport Power optimizes S6 flexible module


Sunport Power has optimized the company’s S6 flexible module product that aims at the growing BIPV market.

Launched in 2018 and developed on the pilot line later, S6 has been continuously updated and optimized by the R&D team of Sunport Power with its versatility and high performance for the needs of customers in various scenarios.

The new upgraded S6 module achieved module efficiency of 21.2 percent.

Sunport Power’s S6 Flexible Module applies Metal Wrap Through (MWT) technology as its core. The MWT is an back contact technology to improve the performance of the solar cell and module by removing the front-side busbar and placing both positive and negative electrodes on the rear.

The power yield of MWT products increased by 3 percent and about 15W more output compared to traditional module.

“MWT is not a merely technology, but a platform on which many other cell technologies can be attached on.”

Martin Green, chief scientist of Sunport Power.

The silicone-based flexible module weights just 4 kg and is 1.4 mm thick, compared to a traditional 19 kg weight and 35-40 mm thick PV module. This makes S6 especially suitable for BIPV application which needs stringent weight specifications in many scenarios, such as roof, wall, sunshade, etc.

“Sunport Power’s S6 module obtains the advantages of High efficiency, High reliability, Superior warranty, High ROI, Aesthetic design and Lead-free. Different from conventional modules, S6 can be customized for shape and art design which brings more applications and possibilities to the BIPV market in need of appearance. In fact, with the excellent flexibility, the light and thin S6 module is especially suitable for curved surface, low-load capacity roofs, and facades, etc.”

Dianna Tao, vice president of Sunport Power.

“The marriage of S6 Flexible Module and BIPV has already begun to show its promise for the prospective future. And this trend has no sign of slowing down in its trajectory. In future, Sunport Power will continue trying to fulfill diversified market needs in different segments with our advantageous products.”

Dr. Zhang Fengming, the founder and CEO of Sunport Power.
Nedim Husomanovic

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