Sunseap in Amazon solar energy deal

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Sunseap Group has signed a long-term agreement with Amazon to export 62 megawatts (MWp) of clean energy to the national grid, that will help Amazon meet its sustainability goals.

Sunseap was awarded one of the two contracts under JTC’s SolarLand Phase 3 tender last year, part of JTC’s efforts to make industrial estates more environmentally friendly. As part of the contract, Sunseap will install the solar systems on an estimated 40 hectares of temporary vacant land across Singapore. Unlike conventional fixed designs, these systems are designed to be modular and flexible, and can be redeployed when the land is needed for other uses. When completed in 2022, they will be the largest aggregated mobile solar systems designed and installed in Singapore.

The 62MWp generated from the solar systems will amount to 80GWh of clean energy annually. 100% of the renewable energy generated by the plant will be supplied to Amazon, helping Amazon meet its commitment to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030, a goal they are on path to reach by 2025.

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