Sustainable Capital creates €100M hydrogen economy financial instrument

Sustainable Capital’s Orestes vehicle created a €100m hydrogen economy financial instrument.

The company is engaged in mobility solutions technologies identified by the European Union as “Important projects of common European interest” (IPCEIs), particularly in hydrogen valleys in Estonia, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Sustainable Capital and Orestes target pre-commercialization enterprises. Hydrogen-powered transportation will comprise 50% of the portfolio.

Orestes also examines the “most advanced businesses in the electrolyzer sector,” those closest to commercialization. Hydrogen transport investments were put on hold.

The new tool targets green and turquoise hydrogen enterprises. Turquoise hydrogen produces hydrogen and solid carbon by pyrolyzing a hydrocarbon fuel without air or water.

Skeleton, AuveTech, and Emsland, Germany’s Audi plant-turned-hydrogen-delivery facility were Orestes’ earliest investments.

Orestes examined ESG measures, balance sheets, and company ratios. Orestes’ third Article 9 portfolio.