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Enagás, the leading energy infrastructure company, has reported an overwhelming response, with more than 600 projects expressing interest in utilizing the upcoming hydrogen network in the country. The ‘call for interest’ process, initiated by Enagás, attracted participation from over 200 companies, unveiling a diverse range of projects aiming to supply hydrogen domestically and export to international markets.

Enagás Paves the Way for Green Hydrogen in Spain as Iberdrola and Endesa Hesitate

Spain is on the cusp of a green hydrogen revolution, and Enagás, the technical manager of the country’s gas networks, is at the forefront of this transformation. Enagás believes that green hydrogen presents an incredible opportunity for Spain to become a major hub for this sustainable energy source in Europe, and it’s determined to make this vision a reality.

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Enagás and Reganosa have sealed their historic alliance. This transformative agreement involves Enagás’s acquisition of Reganosa’s 130-kilometer gas pipeline network for approximately 54 million euros, coupled with the acquisition of a 25% stake in the El Musel regasification plant in Gijón for 95 million euros. The regasification facility will undergo a renaming to E-Hub as it embarks on a new era of energy transformation.

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Enagás, a key player in Spain’s energy landscape, is poised to become a linchpin in the development of this groundbreaking initiative that could redefine hydrogen transport across Europe. However, as the H2Med vision takes shape, it’s not without its share of challenges and skeptics.

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