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OQGN and Fluxys Unite for Oman's Low-Carbon Energy Infrastructure

OQ Gas Networks (OQGN), a recently listed gas transportation company in the Sultanate, has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Belgian-based energy infrastructure group Fluxys. The collaboration seeks to explore and develop hydrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2) infrastructure projects in Oman, marking a pivotal moment in the nation’s sustainable energy journey.

Fluxys Unveils BE-HyStore Pilot to Explore Loenhout Subsurface Hydrogen Storage

Fluxys Belgium, a key player in the country’s energy infrastructure landscape, has announced a significant step towards the future of clean energy with the unveiling of its BE-HyStore pilot project. The groundbreaking initiative aims to store hydrogen underground, presenting a promising solution to energy storage and supply security.

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In a significant move towards Oman’s vision of becoming a global leader in renewable hydrogen production, Fluxys, a prominent energy infrastructure company, has committed to acquiring a 4.9% stake in OQGN, a state-owned transmission system operator in Oman. This partnership aims to harness Oman’s abundant wind and solar resources for a sustainable future.

Green Hydrogen H2 News

Fluxys and Macquarie Asset Management have reached an agreement for Fluxys to purchase OGE, the largest transmission system operator in Germany, for about 24% of the current market value.