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French Hydrogen Strategy Under Scrutiny - Exclusion of SMEs Sparks Controversy

In a bid to propel the production of carbon-free hydrogen, the French government has allocated a substantial envelope of 4 billion euros. However, the eligibility criteria for this financial support reveal a stark reality: the doors are open only to entities boasting a minimum annual turnover of 100 million euros and a track record of five projects each exceeding 30 million euros.

Accidental White Hydrogen Discovery in France Could Revolutionize Energy

Two researchers delving into France’s Lorraine mining basin with the intent of locating fossil fuels stumbled upon something far more revolutionary. What lay beneath the earth’s surface in northeastern France was a treasure trove of white hydrogen, a naturally occurring and renewable form of hydrogen, often referred to as green hydrogen.

Hydrogen Engines Get Green Light in France

The French government has taken a significant step towards accelerating the adoption of cleaner, greener transportation technologies by simplifying retrofit regulations. In a move aimed at expanding the possibilities and broadening the scope of retrofits, hydrogen engines have received a green light, potentially transforming the landscape of the automotive industry.