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Hyundai Steps in as KOGAS Withdraws Financial Support for Hydrogen Stations

Hyundai Motor finds itself at a crossroads as it contemplates increasing expenditures to salvage Hydrogen Energy Network (HyNet), a struggling operator of hydrogen charging stations. With Korea Gas Corp. (KOGAS) refusing further financial assistance, Hyundai faces mounting pressure to support the floundering venture.


Doosan Bobcat reveals hydrogen-powered forklift in South Korea For the first time ever, hydrogen-powered forklifts have been made available for…

Hyundai, Honda and BMW Propel Hydrogen into Automotive Spotlight

As the curtains fell on CES 2024, showcasing an array of language learning models, in-car AI assistants, and colossal infotainment displays, it was the resurgence of hydrogen and a renewed focus on fuel cell-powered passenger vehicles that emerged as a noteworthy, albeit understated, highlight.