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In a move witnessed at the Solutrans Show in Lyon-Eurexpo, Hyundai showcased its hydrogen electric transporter, adorned with the name of German rental company Hylane. This demonstration has ignited speculation about the potential testing of Hyundai’s hydrogen trucks by French carriers.

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Hyundai is set to introduce the N Vision 74, a cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell-powered sports car. According to a recent report, Hyundai plans to produce a limited run of 100 units, with 70 destined for private customers and 30 earmarked as racing versions for motorsport enthusiasts.


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Hyundai Motor Company and Bee’ah Group are set to embark on a pilot project to demonstrate the viability of hydrogen as a key player in the UAE’s transportation sector. The partnership encompasses a comprehensive trial, utilizing Hyundai’s XCIENT fuel cell truck, marking a significant stride in advancing sustainable and emission-free mobility in the region.

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Hyundai Motor Company has undergone key executive replacements, signaling a potential shift in strategy. Despite ambitious goals, the company’s hydrogen business has faced stagnation, prompting a series of resignations among top executives. The recent reshuffle aims to breathe new life into Hyundai’s hydrogen division and address challenges hindering the realization of its hydrogen roadmap.