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Clean Power Hydrogen achieves hydrogen milestone with Northern Ireland Water Clean Power Hydrogen, a developer of green hydrogen technology, has…

Hylane and Quantron Join Forces on Last-Mile Transport with Hydrogen-Electric Vans

Hylane, a subsidiary of DEVK Versicherungen, and Quantron AG join forces to usher in a new era of emission-free last-mile transport. With a shared commitment to innovative and climate-friendly mobility solutions, the collaboration introduces hydrogen-electric vans, specifically designed for last-mile operations, in a pioneering pay-per-use model.

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In order to promote the distinctive Quantron-as-a-Service offering for clients in the transportation and logistics business, Norway Hydrogen has joined with German Quantron AG to become a key partner in Quantron’s Clean Transportation Alliance.

Green Hydrogen H2 News

Chemical Triangle area in Bavaria adds hydrogen project The “Chemical Triangle” area in southeastern Bavaria will be the focus of…