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ABB Partners with GHI on 'Hydrogen City' Project

ABB is collaborating with Green Hydrogen International (GHI) on the ‘Hydrogen City’ project. Set to revolutionize the energy landscape in South Texas, the initiative holds the promise of producing a staggering 280,000 tonnes of green hydrogen annually.

Texas Secures $100M Funding for Clean Fuel Infrastructure

North Texas transportation officials are celebrating a monumental achievement in the pursuit of cleaner energy as the Department of Transportation (DoT) awarded Texas $100 million to bolster its infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) and hydrogen fueling stations statewide.

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The energy powerhouse of the United States, Texas, is on the brink of a hydrogen revolution. According to a new report from the Hydrogen Council, investment in hydrogen infrastructure in Texas could reach a staggering $247 billion by 2050. This revelation could have far-reaching implications for the state, offering substantial economic benefits and helping to secure its status as an energy exporter.