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Texas Secures $100M Funding for Clean Fuel Infrastructure

North Texas transportation officials are celebrating a monumental achievement in the pursuit of cleaner energy as the Department of Transportation (DoT) awarded Texas $100 million to bolster its infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) and hydrogen fueling stations statewide.

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The energy powerhouse of the United States, Texas, is on the brink of a hydrogen revolution. According to a new report from the Hydrogen Council, investment in hydrogen infrastructure in Texas could reach a staggering $247 billion by 2050. This revelation could have far-reaching implications for the state, offering substantial economic benefits and helping to secure its status as an energy exporter.

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According to a recent study from Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, a successful energy transition also necessitates a change in policy and market structure. Texas’ legacy energy economy and geology are ideal for developing a robust hydrogen market, which will play a crucial role in sustainability.