TAP is actively preparing to transport hydrogen

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) partnership is assessing the infrastructure’s technical capacity to transport a blend of natural gas and hydrogen, according to TAP AG.

“Hydrogen is essential to attaining a carbon-free future, and TAP is actively investigating this matter. TAP can provide hydrogen mixtures in the future, according to a 2021 hydrogen transportation readiness study. In 2023, the pipes will be evaluated in a globally renowned laboratory so that we may analyze the infrastructure’s suitability to meet future hydrogen demands and capacities. Likewise, the leading manufacturers conduct research on new technology and upgrade existing equipment “TAP AG remarked.

The consortium said that TAP is also a part of H2Pipe, a cooperative industry project to design the world’s first regulations for carrying gaseous hydrogen through existing and new offshore pipelines, which will not only help the consortium but also other transnational interconnectors.

Remember that the “Southern Gas Corridor” began delivering Azerbaijani gas to Europe on December 31, 2020. Azerbaijan supplied natural gas to the European market via pipelines for the first time ever. With direct access to the greatest natural gas importer in the world, the European market, AR has diversified its export options. The TAP, which is the European portion of the Southern Gas Corridor, distributes 8 billion cubic meters of gas annually to Italy, 1 billion cubic meters annually to Greece, and 1 billion cubic meters annually to Bulgaria.

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