Tasmania: sun to power hydrogen

A contract signed with a global renewable energy business might allow Tasmanian solar to be used to power green hydrogen projects.

Wirsol Energy and Countrywide Hydrogen of Australia decided to collaborate on the viability of solar-to-hydrogen projects in the region.

Geoffrey Drucker, Countrywide’s managing director, wants to help the switch to emission-free hydrogen from fossil fuels like diesel and natural gas.

In order to produce liquid hydrogen at the lowest possible price, he aims to co-locate hydrogen production with Wirsol solar farms. He now has two renewable hydrogen projects underway in Tasmania and two in Victoria.

In accordance with the agreement, Wirsol will assess each Tasmanian project area for solar installation and, potentially, battery energy storage to determine the most affordable energy source for producing hydrogen.

Gas that is pumped into houses and factories might be replaced by liquid hydrogen or mixtures of the new fuel. They might be utilized for power generation at outlying mining locations or for fuel cells to power automobiles and trucks.

Electrolysis, which separates hydrogen from oxygen in water using renewable power with no direct emissions, produces green or renewable hydrogen.

According to Mr. Drucker, lowering energy costs by utilizing “behind-the-meter” solar will result in the lowest price for hydrogen supplies and will entice potential consumers to convert to hydrogen that is emission-free.

Countrywide and Wirsol understand the importance of a refueling network in addition to its cost.

Three refueling stations will be sufficient to supply the entire state of Tasmania, he claimed.

With projects in Queensland, Victoria, and NSW, Wirsol recently expanded into the Australian market.