Tata Steel to make steel with hydrogen by 2030


According to an independent study, Tata Steel Netherlands’ goal of producing steel with hydrogen by 2030 is achievable.

This is the conclusion of a long-awaited research, according to the steel firm behind the blast furnace complex in IJmuiden and the labor union FNV. However, the government would need to get started on the case right now.

“Now it is up to The Hague to take action.” “The cabinet, as far as I’m concerned, will begin before Christmas,” says FNV director Cihan Lacin. Greening plans in IJmuiden, he claims, cannot be implemented without government assistance. This includes things like securing subsidies and the appropriate permissions, as well as infrastructure building.

Tata Steel said in September that it will transition to natural gas and then hydrogen for steel manufacturing in the Netherlands. Steel can be manufactured equally as well using this as with coal, but CO2 and particulate matter emissions are reduced. A previous idea to store CO2 in the North Sea has been abandoned.

Hans van den Berg, chairman of Tata Steel Netherlands’ board of directors, says his business is already preparing for the changes. He further adds that Tata Steel is working hard to utilise hydrogen much sooner than the research suggests. “We notice that timeframes have been established that are aggressive. We wish to use hydrogen right away if we achieve this.”

It is yet unclear what the proposals represent in terms of employment. To protect the interests of the employees, FNV would want to draft a contract with the steel group’s management. The union claims that the proposed alterations to the production process would have an impact on the nature of work at Tata Steel. However, the specifics of how this would be executed are still being ironed out.

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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