TECO 2030 selects CVM systems from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS

TECO 2030, a Norwegian manufacturer of marine equipment, selects CVM systems from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS.

The Norwegian marine equipment supplier TECO Maritime Group is working to hasten the transformation of the maritime industry to one that is more ecologically friendly through its subsidiary TECO 2030. Future CVM systems from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS will be used by TECO 2030 to keep an eye on these fuel cell installations.

In the eMobility space, SMART TESTSOLUTIONS is largely recognized for their solutions for fuel cell cell voltage monitoring (CVM). Most recently, the company improved its CVM G5S cell voltage monitoring system into a series solution that comprises mechanical mounting components, cable harnesses, and elements for cell contacting (cell full-day pickup), in addition to the CVM measurement modules.

The full CVM systems are customized for each customer’s specific fuel cell application. An answer that fits its requirements is also sent to the Norwegian ship chandler TECO. Most adaptations are required in the cell-contacting area.

The cell design has a big impact on this, and there are a lot of requirements. Electrical functionality, vibration sensitivity, space neutrality, temperature resistance, and cost effectiveness are all requirements for the contacting. Additionally, during serial production, it should be feasible to greatly automate the assembly.

Along with TECO 2030, SMART TESTSOLUTIONS has acquired a number of customers for its CVM systems from the research industry and electrolyser manufacturers. Customers on the customer list include a large number of automakers and suppliers, as well as businesses in the aerospace sector and other ship suppliers.

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