Tenneco opens new hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine testing facilities

Tenneco has opened new hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine testing facilities at its Powertrain test centers in Burscheid, Germany, and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The company’s globally integrated ICE test capabilities are strengthened by these two test cells specifically designed for hydrogen ICEs, assisting OE engine and vehicle manufacturers as they decarbonize the ICE. Tenneco is in a good position to offer technological solutions that can aid in accelerating the reduction of carbon emissions of future combustion engine generations to meet global climate targets more quickly by adding H2-engine testing.

As a top supplier of engine parts, such as pistons, piston rings, bearings, seals and gaskets, valves, valve seats and guides, and ignition devices, Tenneco makes use of its extensive ICE expertise in a number of partnerships with engine and vehicle manufacturers for hydrogen and alternative fuel projects. The new test cells from Tenneco help manufacturers with their H2 ICE concepts by evaluating the performance, durability, wear, emissions, and durability of prototype engines and components.

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