Thuringia’s Economic Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee, together with Mayor Heiko Voigt, IHK Südthüringen’s Chief Executive Dr. Ralf Pieterwas, and Institute Director Dr. Ulrich Palzer, kicked off construction work on the new Hyson Institute for Applied Hydrogen Research in Sonneberg with a symbolic first groundbreaking ceremony.

The project’s overall cost is approximately 6.4 million euros, and the country is funding the construction with approximately 3.1 million euros from Community task “Improving Regional Economic Structure” funds (GRW). Including previously committed money for early research initiatives, the new institution’s Ministry of Economic Affairs thus gives almost six million euros in financial support this year alone.

On the site of the old freight train station Sonneberg, Hyson GmbH constructs an office and laboratory facility with an experimental hall for research on the practical use of hydrogen technologies as well as industrial and technology-oriented application possibilities. The objective is to build technical prototypes and development patterns on a laboratory and semi-industrial scale.

Thuringia intends to bolster its hydrogen research capabilities in the future years, according to deep lake. The new Hyson Institute is a critical component of this plan. “Hydrogen will play a critical role in the future energy grid,” the minister stated. Until then, considerable scientific and technological preparations should be made – most notably to make hydrogen generation and consumption commercially viable. “Through the institute, we hope to bridge the current divide between hydrogen technology exploration and implementation.” South Huringen’s regional strategy target is to grow into a “hydrogen region” and to create additional value added opportunities for businesses. “Entry into the hydrogen industry creates new economic potential for Thuringia as a whole.”

“We fully support the expansion of regional hydrogen activities. The transfer of product-controlled hydrogen research results into the regional economy brings growth, creates jobs and increases the attractiveness of the Economic and Habitat Southern Huringen, “also emphasized IHK headcurs. Ralf Pieterwas. The Hyson Institute was in February 2021 with a founding team from seven scientists and Engineers in the Sonberger branch of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) South Huringen officially launched. The new research facility on existing activities, inter alia, the BMBF-funded regional hydrogen alliance “H2well” and the “Localhy” composite, a merger of hydrogen -Aptors from business and science in the area Sonneberg. As one of now ten Thuringian sightseeing research institutions, the institute will continue to provide economics and municipalities in the Free State as a transfer partner for hydrogen technologies.

Nedim Husomanovic

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