Topsoe and Fidelis form hydrogen production technology partnership

A global partnership for hydrogen production technology has been formed by Topsoe and Fidelis New Energy.

For lowering lifecycle carbon emissions in hydrogen generation, the cooperation combines FidelisH2 technology with Topsoe’s hydrogen process portfolio. The alliance solution as a whole makes it possible to produce hydrogen from natural gas with a lifecycle carbon intensity of 0 kgCO2e/kgH2.

Industry, digital infrastructure, agriculture, energy, and transportation are among the society’s carbon-intensive sectors that might be decarbonized with the use of established technologies like the Topsoe Blue Portfolio and FidelisH2. Topsoe and Fidelis are committed to continuing to play their parts in this crucial initiative to speed up the energy transition and have partnered to offer a life cycle carbon neutral hydrogen offering that uses renewable energy and natural gas.

Supporting the energy transition in industry

In addition to Topsoe’s blue hydrogen technology portfolio, Fidelis and Topsoe will jointly and exclusively license FidelisH2. Topsoe will take the lead in interacting with potential licensees who are interested in using FidelisH2 to mass generate carbon neutral hydrogen using tried-and-true methods.

Both steam methane reforming and SynCOR autothermal reforming technologies from Topsoe are available to create hydrogen with integrated carbon capture. FidelisH2 is a unique method for producing clean hydrogen by integrating renewable energy sources with reforming operations.

A scalable approach for producing worthwhile climate and environmental incentives, like the 45V tax credits granted in the United States Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, is offered by the alliance’s new integration of these tested technologies.