Toyoda Gosei launches high pressure hydrogen tank

A sizable hydrogen tank with high pressure has been launched by Toyoda Gosei. The need for these substantial tanks is anticipated to increase due to the deployment of hydrogen-powered fuel cell trucks.

The new tanks are employed by Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Company (CJPT), which has the support of Toyota Motor Corporation, Isuzu Motors Limited, and others. CJPT is developing mass-market light-duty fuel cell electric trucks.

About eight times as much hydrogen can be stored in these newly created huge tanks as in the passenger fuel cell vehicle tanks. They are mounted in the back of the Toyota Mirai (second generation model), which is made by Toyoda Gosei. Toyoda Gosei used the high-efficiency hydrogen storage technology that the business and Toyota Motor had developed in the tanks for the Mirai when creating the larger tanks.

Delivery trucks need to have a broad driving range and quick recharging because they travel great distances and make numerous deliveries every day. These needs are met by fuel cell trucks, which are anticipated to become more prevalent. By creating and manufacturing hydrogen tanks, an essential part of fuel cell cars, Toyoda Gosei will contribute to a society based on hydrogen.

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