Trucks, freighters and ferries powered by hydrogen to decarbonize transportation

The investigation being carried out by the University of Michigan researchers indicates that one of the areas in which hydrogen has the greatest potential is medium- and heavy-duty trucks traveling interstate roads.

The report’s release coincides with a collaboration between Michigan and six other states in the US Midwest to hasten the growth of an H2 economy, encompassing the fuel’s clean production, storage, transportation, and distribution.

The coalition of states will cooperate to take the lead in providing fuel for hydrogen transportation. The states also want to set up one or more H2 hubs for further energy production for domestic and international consumption, including for hydrogen transportation and other uses. With this investment, the region will be well-positioned for a clean energy economy.

The coalition’s announcement comes at a good time because the US Department of Energy has revealed that it has allocated $7 billion for a program that would finance H2 hubs, or regional clean hydrogen fuel hubs, around the nation as part of the federal bipartisan infrastructure plan. Similar to the initiatives being developed by the new alliance in the Midwest, the funding is intended for them.