Tsuneishi and CMB to build hydrogen-powered tug

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Tsuneishi, a Japanese shipping company, and CMB, a Belgian shipping company, have agreed to create a hydrogen-powered tugboat after developing Japan’s first hydrogen-powered ferry.

CMB has agreed to form a joint venture with Tsuneishi Facilities and Craft and ship operator Kambara Kisen, both of which are part of the Tsuneishi group, to develop hydrogen internal combustion engine (H2ICE) technology for Japan’s industrial and marine markets. In Japan, the joint venture will be responsible for marketing and engineering services for H2ICE solutions.

The joint venture will be the sole importer of CMB and Belgian marine engine manufacturer ABC Engines’ BeHydro engines, a dual-fuel hydrogen-diesel engine. CMB plans to launch the HydroTug, a hydrogen-powered tugboat equipped with the first BeHydro engine, in Antwerp, Belgium, later this year.

As part of efforts to increase domestic demand for hydrogen in Japan, the partners have also agreed to develop the HydroPhoenix, a hydrogen-powered tugboat. Kambara Kisen’s tug operating arm, Kambara Tug and Marine Services, will run the expected tugboat.

CMB and Tsuneishi Facilities and Craft have been working together on the HydroBingo, a hydrogen-powered ferry, since 2019. It is set to be launched this month and will operate in Japan’s Seto inland sea.

The aim of the joint venture is to encourage the development of more sister vessels as well as other industrial hydrogen applications. The companies also intend to build hydrogen-powered port equipment and hydrogen-powered ships of various types, such as support ships for offshore wind farms that include a service operating vessel and a crew transfer vessel.

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