UK backs study on recovery of hydrogen from waste

The UK government has provided funds for a group of specialists from the University of Manchester under the direction of Dr. Amir Keshmiri to assist Powerhouse Energy in recovering hydrogen for clean energy use.

Using Powerhouse Energy’s experience in waste treatment and the fluid dynamics and thermochemical analysis skills of Dr. Amir Keshmiri’s team, an innovative and economical technology for hydrogen separation will be created and validated.

Potentially “greener and cheaper,” this development in enhanced thermal treatment to recover hydrogen from non-recyclable trash should significantly help reach net zero goals and lower expenses when compared to current recovery methods.

The invention’s quick development and commercialization will help achieve aggressive clean energy goals, such as the UK Hydrogen Strategy’s 2030 goal of 5GW of low carbon hydrogen generation capacity.

The research, which was first sponsored by an EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account grant, effectively promotes the quicker uptake of local, low-carbon energy while also tackling a rising problem with non-recyclable trash, such as some plastics.

Once commercialized, the ground-breaking method will speed up the introduction of reasonably priced hydrogen.

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