UK energy security hinges on hydrogen deployment increase, Hydrogen UK report finds

According to a new analysis from Hydrogen UK, the UK’s energy security and decarbonization depend on speeding the deployment of hydrogen networks.

According to a recent industry assessment, having a hydrogen network that supports a robust hydrogen economy is essential for meeting the net zero targets and addressing the UK’s demand for energy security. Accelerating hydrogen networks will be essential for relieving stress on the already vulnerable UK electrical system and lowering costs by utilizing existing resources.

Five important recommendations are made in the paper, which was produced by Hydrogen UK and its members, for accelerating hydrogen networks to strengthen the hydrogen economy in the UK:

  1. Before designing transport business models, take interim methods to ease design and planning
  2. Create models for the Regulated Asset Base in both the growth and steady state stages.
  3. Establish a strategic planning body that makes it easier to coordinate projects for storage infrastructure and networks.
  4. Political commitment to building a nationwide system of pipelines that only transport 100% hydrogen
  5. Develop a national industrial decarbonization policy.

Future energy mix in the UK is anticipated to contain a considerable amount of hydrogen. The UK has boosted its goal for hydrogen production to 10GW by 2030 as a result of the Energy Security Strategy. To achieve this goal and guarantee that the benefits of decarbonization are seen in all end-use industries across the nation, 100% hydrogen networks must be developed.

Gas networks’ job is to transport grid-scale amounts of energy in a dependable, efficient, and economical way. Importantly, existing gas networks have the capacity to carry hydrogen through the building of new pipelines and the repurposing of existing ones.

For the UK to successfully establish a safe and robust hydrogen economy, hydrogen networks are a crucial prerequisite. They are essential for utilizing hydrogen’s special potential for decarbonizing challenging industries. By connecting geographically isolated assets, hydrogen networks will enable the UK to capitalize on its inherent advantages and decarbonize the energy system.

This report is the second of a series that will be released by Hydrogen UK (HUK), the largest and most influential hydrogen trade group in the UK, over the course of 2023. In December 2022, the preceding study, Hydrogen Storage: Delivering on the UK’s Energy Needs, was made available. You may access the complete Networks Report here.

According to a recent analysis from Hydrogen UK, decarbonization and energy security in the UK depend on speeding the deployment of hydrogen networks.

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