UK: hydrogen production plant and tech demonstration site opened

A hydrogen distribution network connects Kiwa UK’s test facilities to its hydrogen production facility and technology demonstration site, which it has now opened for business. TIC firm.

Kiwa planned and oversaw the construction of the manufacturing facility that uses hydrogen in its labs and steam methane reforming (SMR) to create syngas from biogas.

To assist manufacturers who are trying to understand the performance and durability of their appliances, Kiwa intends to examine the usage of hydrogen in its labs.

The expertise acquired, according to the TIC business, is already helping to shape market laws and standards as well as those wishing to convert existing facilities to use hydrogen.

In 2020, Kiwa revealed its involvement with the cross-industry organization Hydrogen Strategy Now, which pushed for the creation of a UK-wide hydrogen strategy, further solidifying its support for the usage of hydrogen.

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