UK working towards hydrogen incorporation

In the UK, a paper titled “Hydrogen Accelerators” was released last week in conjunction with the Conservative Party’s annual conference.

It suggests hastening the use of hydrogen by utilities and industry. It was produced by a group named Hydrogen UK, which represents 50 significant enterprises in the sector. Major firms including BP, Shell, Equinor, and Centrica as well as gas network operators, appliance makers, and other businesses operating in the industry make up the organization.

The report applauds the British Government for increasing the UK’s 2030 objective for low-carbon hydrogen production capacity from 5GW to 10GW but cautions that further action is required to ensure this target is met and that demand and supply rise concurrently.

Nine innovative projects that can demonstrate complete industrial fuel switching to hydrogen have previously received £26 million ($28.75 million) from the UK government as part of the Industrial Hydrogen Accelerator Program.

Additionally, efforts are being made to incorporate 15% hydrogen into the UK’s gas system. In order to reach Britain’s 2035 ambitions on energy decarbonization, which included a target to cease unabated fossil-fired power generation by that time, the research advises that the UK Government draft a thorough hydrogen plan in early 2023.

It will take tremendous effort and funding from the public and commercial sectors to replace or modify current infrastructure to use hydrogen. This report is a step in the right direction.