Ukraine to export green and low-carbon hydrogen in the future

Both green and low-carbon hydrogen as well as carbon-free energy have the strong export potential for Ukraine. The Ministry of Energy’s press office released this information.

Deputy Energy Minister Yaroslav Demchenkov stated that Ukraine might start exporting green or low-carbon hydrogen and its derivatives, such as green ammonia and green methanol.

The official mentioned Ukraine’s considerable energy potential, which might aid Europe in bolstering its energy security, and urged European companies to begin working on pertinent cooperative projects right now and participate in the recovery of the Ukrainian energy sector.

The majority of the added value must stay in Ukraine, so we must create the conditions for this to happen. To do this, we need the assistance of our partners in the green technology sector as well as access to inexpensive finance, Demchenkov continued.

German Galushchenko, the Ukrainian minister of energy, had earlier outlined the circumstances in which there would be no more power outages in Ukraine.

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