Vestas to extend Rio do Vento into the largest wind project in Latin America


Casa dos Ventos has placed an order of 534 MW for the second stage of the Rio do Vento complex, located in the State of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil.

The extension will connect to the first phase of the 504 MW project currently under development, and the combined complex of more than 1 GW will be the largest wind project in Latin America to date.

For the project, Vestas has built a tailored solution featuring V150-4.2 MW wind turbines, some of which are delivered in 4.3 MW and others in 4.5 MW Power Optimized Mode, to maximize the power output of the site while at the same time ensuring the lowest energy costs for the energy user.

We are honored to be able to extend our partnership with Vestas, making us the largest customer of the manufacturer in Latin America and reaffirming our commitment to the development of renewable sources in Brazil. We are convinced that the equipment technology will enable us to extract the region’s wind resource in an optimized way, serving our customers with clean, low-cost energy.”

Lucas Araripe, director of new business at Casa dos Ventos.

“We are proud to continue our successful collaboration with Casa dos Ventos and provide them a customized solution that includes our newly introduced 4.5 MW Power Optimized Mode, ensuring maximum value for our customer’s business case. The scale of this project shows the potential of clean energy in Brazil and it marks a big step forward in the country’s energy transition towards a more sustainable future.”

Javier Rodriguez, president Vestas Mediterranean.

The contract covers the supply, installation and commissioning of wind turbines and the 20-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM5000) service agreement.

The project is scheduled to become operational by 2023.

Nedim Husomanovic

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