Volkswagen believes hydrogen car is not viable in short future

The hydrogen vehicle is not considered practical by Volkswagen. preferably in the near future. The German manufacturer forbids consumers from hopping on the hydrogen car bandwagon in this decade.

The battery-electric vehicle has recently established itself as the only viable technology for the automotive industry’s near future. Nevertheless, many automakers foresee a future in which many propulsion systems will coexist.

A few months ago, some highly significant information that directly related to Volkswagen’s decision to alter its course and reenter the hydrogen car race surfaced. For hydrogen to be a viable choice in the medium and long term, it is crucial that a company like Volkswagen decide to wager on it. But soon after that information surfaced, recent comments made by Volkswagen’s top executive have caused things to shift.

Volkswagen has already debuted a hydrogen fuel cell-equipped Golf.
Volkswagen does not believe that launching hydrogen-powered vehicles in this decade is feasible.

A specialized media had the chance to meet with Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen, at CES 2023 in Las Vegas about the company’s approach to this commitment to hydrogen. And the truth is that Schäfer’s response has stirred up a lot of debate.

Hydrogen utilization has not been disregarded by Volkswagen. He has however made it apparent that it is not a practical choice in the near future.

The majority of Volkswagen’s resources are being used to support the growth of its ID family of battery electric vehicles. Long term, as the thermal car’s demise in Europe approaches, the hydrogen fuel cell will be a useful addition to the technology on which the German business currently puts its entire attention.