Wales & West Utilities plans major hydrogen pipeline

A significant hydrogen pipeline is being planned by Wales & West Utilities in south Wales to hasten the region’s industrial and gas customer decarbonization goals.

HyLine Cymru will evaluate the viability of a pipeline network connecting low carbon hydrogen generation with industrial demand and offering options for other natural gas consumers from Pembroke to the Swansea Bay region.
The pipeline, if constructed, will open up the possibility of producing hydrogen on a large scale at commercial scale in Pembrokeshire, Port Talbot, and the Celtic Sea. It will also provide the necessary infrastructure for energy-intensive industrial customers to start transitioning their processes to hydrogen in the 2030s or earlier.

In addition, it might connect to National Grid’s Project Union, which would create a National Hydrogen Transmission Line to connect the UK’s industrial clusters with a dedicated supply system, enabling south Wales towns to go green while minimizing interruption to families and communities.

In addition to replacing natural gas for domestic heating and cooking, hydrogen can also be used in industrial processes. It produces no carbon dioxide at the moment of use, making it an environmentally beneficial source of energy while still providing energy in the same way.

In order to maximize the decarbonization opportunities in south Wales, Wales & West Utilities is leading HyLine Cymru in partnership with eight significant organizations. ABP, Dolphyn Celtic Sea Developments, LanzaTech, National Grid Gas Transmission, Pembrokeshire County Council, RWE, Shell, and ata Steel UK are among the firms collaborating.

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