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A total of 280,000 new shares in Minesto were subscribed to by senior executives in Minesto through the exercise of PO4 series warrants.

As a result, all issued PO4 warrants in Minesto have been exercised and through the warrant program the company will add approximately SEK 7.4 million ($833k) in proceeds.

PO4 is one of three Minesto employee warrant systems that were accepted at the 2019 annual general meeting of the company. A total of 280,000 PO4 series warrants have been issued, all of which were acquired in August 2019 by senior executives at Minesto.

The right to subscribe for one (1) new share in Minesto at a price of SEK 26.30 ($3) per share during the subscription period from 1 July to 30 September 2020 was granted by one (1) warrant of series PO4.

Nedim Husomanovic

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