Wärtsilä to supply energy storage systems for Texas grid services

Image: Wärtsilä

The Wärtsilä Technology Group will supply its innovative energy storage technology to two big ventures in southern Texas, USA. The integrated stand-alone systems would have a gross nominal capability of 200 MW.

Wärtsilä has also signed ten-year guaranteed asset value deals for the facilities. The order was issued by Able Grid Energy Solutions, the utility energy storage project construction arm of MAP RE/ES, one of North America’s largest investors in modern energy systems. The order was signed by Wärtsilä in February 2021.

Madero and Ignacio energy storage facilities will provide important grid service to the  Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the agency responsible for controlling the electrical supply to more than 25 million consumers. Wärtsilä will supply the next generation fully integrated GridSolv Quantum energy storage solution. The modular approach is designed for easy integration and renewable energy optimization.

Energy storage systems will also feature Wärtsilä’s GEMS smart energy management platform to track and automate the flow of energy, allowing these projects to provide grid support during crucial times of severe weather or grid disruption, such as those that Texas has recently experienced.

“Able Grid selected Wärtsilä technology, among other considerations, for its critical safety and cyber-security features. The system complies with all applicable standards, like UL9540A, to ensure sustained safe and reliable operations. In addition, the GEMS Power Plant Controller is U.S.-code based and meets all IEC62443 cybersecurity standards.”

 Sharon Greenberg, Able Grid COO.

“The Madero and Ignacio projects will participate in the existing ERCOT wholesale electricity market, delivering key ancillary services required for grid stability, including frequency regulation. Years of development by forward-looking innovators like Wärtsilä now allow us to deploy market-driven solutions that will improve electricity grid reliability and performance while enabling further decarbonisation of electricity markets.”

Aaron Zubaty, CEO of MAP RE/ES.

“Energy storage is rapidly becoming a key asset for the global energy markets and Wärtsilä has a leading position in this field. In the planning of these installations, we were able to provide solid expertise based on our depth of experience in energy storage, and this added considerable value to our energy optimisation capabilities.”

Risto Paldanius, Vice President, Americas, Wärtsilä Energy.

Ten-year Wärtsilä Project Guaranteed Asset Performance Arrangements would enable continuity in system maintenance and service to maximize sales in the ERCOT industry. The arrangements provide repair facilities, a guarantee of availability and a variable capability guarantee depending on usage.

The systems are expected to become fully operational starting in January 2022.

Nedim Husomanovic

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