Wind energy supplies over a third of German electricity


German wind turbines have so far fed 61.5 TWh of clean electricity into the grid. This corresponds to a 34.9 percent share of the net electricity generation up till now.

One-sixth of the wind power generation was accounted for by the offshore sector. Overall, renewable energies accounted for 56 percent of the electricity mix so far.

“More than a third of the electricity generated in Germany and fed into the public grid comes from wind turbines on land and at sea. This continues the positive trend in the field of wind energy from 2019. For our industry, this is the incentive and motivation to continue to supply the majority of renewable electricity for Germany in the future.”

Hermann Albers, president of the German WindEnergie Association.

The current Global Energy Review by the International Energy Agency (IEA) also sees renewable energies on the upswing worldwide – due to the low operating costs and the preferred access to many power systems.

“COVID-19’s high feed-in of renewable energies goes hand in hand with a slight decrease in electricity consumption. Nevertheless, system security is guaranteed at all times. The high forecast reliability of wind energy combined with the optimal operation of individual plants and entire parks make it possible to control the load flows in the grid in a very orderly manner. This makes the wind energy industry a stability anchor for sustainable electricity generation in Germany.

“We are delivering safely in the current crisis and want to make our contribution to the economic restart in Germany after the exceptional situation has ended. We hope that despite the current challenges, politicians will not lose sight of the important decisions for the electricity market, the addition of renewables and the course for the CO2-free energy industry across all sectors. For this, the joint processing of the Federal Ministry of Economics’ 18-point plan must now be completed quickly.”

Hermann Albers, president of the German WindEnergie Association.
Nedim Husomanovic

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