Peter Coleman, the former CEO and managing director of Woodside Energy, has joined Infinite Blue Energy’s team to help the company achieve its ambitious hydrogen production ambitions in Australia.

Coleman, who has more than 35 years of expertise in the energy industry, will join IBE as Chairman of the Board of Directors on August 30.

The nomination, according to IBE co-founder and CEO Stephen Gauld, underscores the importance of the company’s opportunity to produce green hydrogen for domestic and foreign markets, and is a further vote of confidence in the company’s project and future plan.

“Mr Coleman is a respected leader in the energy sector who understands the challenges facing, and the opportunities available to the industry in being at the forefront of global decarbonisation,” Gauld said.

“The potential for renewable hydrogen as a pillar of a cleaner economic transformation is being recognised throughout the world with government policy positions incentivising investment in large-scale hydrogen projects as carbon neutral forms of energy.

“IBE is on a pathway to producing 265 tonnes per day of green hydrogen for domestic and export markets from its Arrowsmith Hydrogen Plant in Western Australia. The project is aligned to the state’s Renewable Hydrogen Strategy and will be the flagship in a portfolio of renewable hydrogen projects IBE will develop throughout Australia and internationally.

A long-time proponent of the benefits of hydrogen as a means of reducing carbon emission globally, Coleman enthused, “Hydrogen produced from renewable sources, in particular, has enormous potential to decarbonise economies in the future as investment levels increase, climate policies strengthen, and costs of production decrease.

“Hydrogen is a transport fuel of the future and can be used to decarbonise long haulage transport and remote operations and to reduce emissions in heavy industry and infrastructure.

“I join the IBE Board with the business at an advanced stage in securing its domestic and export market positions and I’m delighted to be leading an Australian business that will be at the forefront of the nation’s desire to create a renewable hydrogen industry.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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