XCELL, a hydrogen-electric motorcycle with a holographic display and adaptive geometry

By relying on design, propulsion technology, and the tools and information obtained while driving, Shanghai X-Idea Industrial Design Firm, the company that has already produced its first prototype, is committed to boosting safety.

When the real model goes into production and loses the features that made it unique as a project, the prototypes that are displayed at fairs and exhibitions frequently lead to considerable disappointment. Perhaps that is the case with XCELL, which has no current schedule for when it will set foot in the real world. However, if I approached him with any of the concepts he offers, it might already be regarded as an original idea.

This electric motorcycle was designed as a hydrogen-powered vehicle with an estimated 200-kilometer range and a top speed of 200 km/h, according to its designers. And the only byproduct of its propulsion system is the emission of water.

The XCELL’s rider can modify the Z-shaped geometry of the motorcycle to suit their own ergonomic requirements and the sort of riding they choose. Electronic adjustments are available for the handlebars, footrests, and saddle, with presets for comfort, sport, and leisure to accommodate different riding styles and situations.

A mobile device-based intelligent active safety system that the pilot wears while operating the vehicle is another idea put out by X-Idea. In particular, according to X-Idea, the support features are holographic projection technology, night vision help, and blind curve prediction, which enables the vehicle and its pilot to effectively “see” what is happening on the other side of a curve without visibility.

It is to be hoped that this design, or anything based on it, can one day come to life, hit production lines, and be made available to the general public. In the future, a hydrogen-based propulsion system as well as the Z shape it displays and the opportunities this geometry provides for the change of the pilot’s location could make sense.

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