Yara raises hydrogen imports in Germany

By converting existing ammonia terminals to handle more than 500,000 tonnes of hydrogen, Yara International intends to boost the German hydrogen industry.

According to Yara, the proposed improvements to the German port might allow it to handle up to three million tonnes of ammonia, which would be equivalent to about 530,000 tonnes of hydrogen.

The move coincides with the company’s announcement of global plans to generate clean ammonia. An important development is that ENGIE made the final investment decision (FID) to build an industrial-scale renewable hydrogen project in Australia to serve a Yara ammonia plant.

Yara Clean Ammonia additionally joined Hystar’s HyPilot project, which will see the first in-field testing of Hystar’s 1MW electrolyser to determine how the technology could be used in future green ammonia production.

With deep sea terminals in Brunsbüttel and Rostock, Yara claims to control the largest ammonia storage facility in Germany. This facility could be crucial as Yara attempts to advance its clean ammonia goals in the nation.

The ambitions of Yara were made public in line with a new hydrogen collaboration agreement between Germany and Norway, which calls for large-scale hydrogen exports from Norway to Germany by 2030.

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