Zepp converts two Liebherr Excavators to hydrogen-electric

Terberg Techniek has received two hydrogen storage and Y50 fuel cell units from the Dutch zepp.solutions.

The vehicle modification expert used the technologies to convert two Liebherr 916 Litronic wheeled excavators from diesel to hydrogen-electric. Zepp’s fuel cell systems are being used for the first time in the construction equipment sector with these hydrogen excavators.

The two excavators, which are both owned by the Dutch construction firm Jos Scholman, have been in use for six months. The outcomes demonstrate that the excavators are dependable and function as intended, providing a greener option to conventional diesel-powered versions as they emit only water. Zepp.solutions created both the onboard hydrogen storage system and the fuel cell system.

The fuel cell systems used by Zepp have a conversion kit created by Terberg Techniek. Terberg Techniek intends to use this kit to convert other construction machinery from a diesel to a hydrogen-electric motor, so it is not just restricted to one kind of excavator.

Due to tighter limitations on local emissions including CO2, noise, particulate matter, and especially NOx, hydrogen is becoming more and more popular in the construction equipment sector. Contractors are now able to submit bids on jobs in urban or environmentally delicate areas that might not have been feasible with conventional equipment in the past. Compared to battery-powered alternatives, hydrogen fuel cells offer construction equipment a stable and dependable power supply that enables longer operating times and fewer downtimes for refueling or recharging.

Continuous cooperation

“We are thrilled to see our fuel cell systems being used in the conversion of these Liebherr excavators, and to play a part in helping the construction equipment sector reduce its carbon emissions,” said Kevin Schreiber, co-founder of zepp.solutions. “At zepp.solutions, we are committed to providing innovative, dependable, and affordable fuel cell technology to a wide range of industries, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Terberg Techniek on future projects.”

Multifunctional system

Zepp.solutions’ Y50 fuel cell systems are becoming more popular among OEMs and retrofitters working on projects in the material handling and maritime industries. The Rotterdam Watertaxi, which was christened in May, is a recent illustration. The conversion of a Liebherr by Terberg Techniek represents the company’s first use of fuel cell technology in the construction equipment market.