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Clean Air Power, a developer of clean transportation solutions based in the United Kingdom, is celebrating its 25th anniversary of developing hydrogen injection devices by introducing a new line of hydrogen injectors for internal combustion engines.

The range includes a high-pressure direct hydrogen injector that complements Clean Air Power’s existing hydrogen port injector options.

The extended range DigiJet H2ICE, which will replace Clean Air Power’s existing ‘ServoJet’ devices, will be named DigiJet H2ICE. This next generation of products is an advancement of existing technology, bringing known dependability and durability to hydrogen injection while also providing a small and cost-effective solution.

DigiJet products are employed in a variety of industries, including on- and off-highway transportation, rail, maritime, and motorsport. The introduction of a hydrogen injector that does not require lubricant helps overcome the issues associated with injecting hydrogen into an engine’s combustion chamber, while also assisting in the growing transition away from fossil fuel dependence.

Injectors are available in a variety of configurations and ratings to suit a variety of applications.

“We are excited about the potential for our hydrogen injectors to demonstrate the advantages of hydrogen internal combustion and in some way, help accelerate decarbonisation away from fossil fuel dependence. We believe that DigiJet™ will offer us the correct platform to showcase the advantages of our approach both as a technical solution and as a company,” said Dan Skelton CEO of Clean Air Power commented.

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