Emerson offers pressure-reducing regulator for commercial hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

An exclusive pressure-reducing regulator from Emerson has been made available for use in commercial hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

The TESCOM HV-3500 Hydrogen Onboard Regulator supplies consistent pressure and constant hydrogen fuel supply to fuel cells throughout the complete spectrum of vehicle operating circumstances, including acceleration, deceleration, halting, and idling. It features a dual stage and proprietary active seal design. Increased fuel efficiency and longer fuel cell life are benefits of stable pressure.

The HV-3500’s dependable fuel pressure enables drivers to travel further between fill-ups and reduces the possibility of downstream overpressurization, which might lead to leaks, lost fuel, and potential emissions.

By decreasing manufacturing time and expenses, the HV-3500 also assists original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in increasing profitability. While its square shape enables OEMs to secure it to existing panels and frames in the fuel cell system, its dual-stage design avoids the need for additional fittings and simplifies installation.