Green Hydrogen Manifesto launched


Green hydrogen will be a critical component of the future’s climate-friendly energy mix.

The Green Hydrogen Manifesto, which was unveiled today at Messe München as part of The smarter E Europe Restart 2021, offers useful ideas and inspiration on how to encourage the use of this renewable energy source. The initiators of this declaration, Hydrogen Europe, the German Hydrogen and Fuel-Cell Association DWV, the European Electrolyzer & Fuel Cell Forum EFCF, and The Smarter E Europe, hope to convey a strong message in support of decarbonization and a circular economy.

Whether it’s Europe’s Fit for 55 package or Germany’s formation of a new government, a new foundation is being constructed – including for the future energy market. Green hydrogen is a critical component of a climate-neutral economy. Green hydrogen, as a key component of a sustainable energy supply, allows intelligent networks in the energy, heating, and transportation sectors. The declaration, dubbed “The Green Hydrogen Manifesto,” intends to aid in the growth of green hydrogen throughout Europe. “In light of the present political realignment, our manifesto intends to urge decision-makers to consider green hydrogen, whether in the energy or economic sectors,” says Werner Diwald, Chair of the German Hydrogen and Fuel-Cell Association DWV. “Because hydrogen derived from renewable sources is crucial for more than only the energy shift. More significantly, it presents enormous potential for the European Union’s economy.”

Europe as a role model for green hydrogen adoption

Hydrogen Europe, the European umbrella group for the hydrogen and fuel cell sector, the European Electrolyzer and Fuel Cell Forum EFCF, and The Smarter E Europe, the innovation centre for innovative energy solutions, are among the manifesto’s writers, along with the German DWV. The manifesto is addressed at European Union policymakers as well as national governments and lawmakers. “We want to show policymakers how critical green hydrogen is for a circular economy and decarbonization,” says Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO of Hydrogen Europe. “Europe must take the lead in implementing this energy source in the future while simultaneously ensuring and improving prosperity and prospects. For the sake of the future and climate conservation, this is our obligation.”

The manifesto lays forth twelve demands, including a guiding framework and targeted incentives, as well as steps to increase production volumes and lower prices, to help Europe live up to its leadership position. The first requirement is that the CO2 content of energy carriers be used as the new energy system currency. Other specific recommendations include the certification of hydrogen as a global commodity, the appointment of a dedicated EU Hydrogen Special Envoy in charge of advancing the EU Hydrogen Strategy and partnerships with third countries, and the creation of a legal framework at the EU level for hydrogen network regulation.

Introducing yourself to overseas trade visitors

This manifesto was presented during the Green Hydrogen Forum, which is part of the smarter E Europe Restart 2021 innovation center, which is continuing running in Munich through October 8. President of the European Electrolyzer and Fuel Cell Forums, Oliver Bucheli: “The Europe Restart 2021, with its emphasis area Green Hydrogen Forum & Expo, was the ideal venue for presenting our manifesto to a worldwide professional audience and gaining supports. Only with active backing from the economics, research, and policymakers will green hydrogen be able to establish itself on the market. Europe has the potential to be a global leader in this field.”

As of shortly after its publishing, the Green Hydrogen Manifesto has been signed by 54 corporations and organizations as a show of support. SAIPEM S.p.A., Forschungszentrum Juelich, Haldor Topsoe AS, the German Federal Association for Combined Heat and Power (B.KWK), ITM Power, Paul Wurth GmbH, and Deutsche Kreditbank AG, among others, were among the first to sign. According to Markus Elsässer, CEO of Solar Promotion GmbH, the large number of signatures demonstrates the importance of the demands to policymakers: “We are pleased that we are able to draw attention to an extremely relevant energy issue with the Green Hydrogen Forum and the Green Hydrogen Manifesto.”

Arnes Biogradlija
Creative Content Director at EnergyNews.Biz

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