Groningen to get four hydrogen trains in 2027

Starting in 2027, four hydrogen trains will operate on the Delfzijl-Groningen-Veendam route in Groningen. Deputy Fleur Gräper-van Koolwijk and Arriva director Anne Hettinga both signed the contract on November 24.

Arriva will launch the European tender for the four hydrogen trains when this agreement is signed.

Beginning around the end of 2027, passengers will be able to board the hydrogen trains on the regional railway in Groningen. The present Delfzijl-Groningen-Veendam routes as well as, sporadically, the other railway lines in Groningen and in the direction of Leer are served by the trains.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management contributed to the expenditures last week by making 15 million euros available. By doing this, the government demonstrates its importance in investing in more sustainable public transportation on its railway lines. In addition to the government subsidy for the four trains, Europe (CINEA) and the National Program Groningen (NPG) are each providing contributions of 5.8 and 7 million euros, respectively. The government has also agreed to provide 5 million euros toward the installation of a hydrogen tank.